Astrological Remedies for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Astrological Remedies for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the world. It is mostly a mental health condition, but it also has an impact on your physical health and well-being. It is natural to feel sad or anxious about something, but if these feelings persist for longer than two weeks, they may be indicative of depression. Every year, more than 17 million Americans suffer from depression, which is a bad omen for future generations.

Depression is a severe mental illness that gradually limits and isolates a person from their surroundings. Furthermore, it alters your entire physical structure and has an effect on your quality of life. The basic symptoms of depression are as follows:

  • Being sad for more than two weeks
  • Getting furious about petty topics
  • Failure in Relationships, Exams, etc.
  • Loss of interest or enjoyment in life
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Constant boredom
  • Tiredness or Lack of Energy
  • Mood Swings
  • Sleep Disruptions or Insomnia
  • Suicidal Thoughts

Depression and the Planetary Combination

Because they govern our mind, intelligence, and soul, the Moon, Mercury, and Sun are immensely important in our lives. Each of these planets has a distinct function and significance. However, if these planets are in unfavorable houses, such as the sixth, eighth, or twelfth, they may have a negative impact or even cause depression.

The first house is known as the Ascendant in astrology. It depicts the brain and how it works in various settings. The fourth house, on the other hand, denotes mental health, serenity, and peace. The Moon has an impact on our emotions, and if it is not properly positioned, it can produce depression in the following situations:

  • Bad placement of the Moon in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the horoscope
  • Conjunction of Moon with Malefic Planets like Saturn, Sun, Rahu, or Mars
  • Placement of Moon alone in the house with no planets from either side
  • Placement of the Moon on the edge of two Malefic Planets
  • If Moon combusts with Sun it can give negative results
  • Placement of Moon between Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node)

All of the above combinations suggest that a person is depressed. However, there are numerous treatments available to assist you in overcoming your depression. Using gemstones as per vedic astrology is one of them. Connect with a good astrologer for guidance on Astrological gemstones for stress and anxiety relief.

Astrological Remedies for Depression

According to Vedic Astrology, depression is caused by the wrong placement of planets in one’s horoscope. It is an uneasy state that requires a person to remain strong, and believing in oneself is critical for overcoming that mental state. However, if you believe in Astrology, here are some treatments of Vedic astrology for stress and anxiety relief certainly, help you overcome depression and restore stability to your life.

Observing a Fast on Mondays

Monday is not a nice day for anyone suffering from depression or mental illness. As a result, fasting on Mondays and dedicating significant time to worshipping Lord Shiva or offering water to Shiva Linga will be immensely beneficial to you.

Wear Silver Ornaments

Wearing silver jewelry is the most effective way to overcome depression. It not only helps you overcome sadness, but it also treats other health-related issues. Wear a silver necklace around your neck or a silver bracelet on your right hand. Contact an Astrologer before applying these instructions.

Do Pranayama

Pranayama is a type of Yoga meditation that helps you connect with your eternal spirit and conquer difficulties like insomnia, melancholy, anxiety, tension, irritation, and wrath. You will see results if you do it every day for 15-20 minutes, preferably in the morning.

Recite the Shiva Mantra.

Lord Shiva is associated with the planet Moon. Reciting the Shiva Mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times a day would surely strengthen your Moon and pull you out of depression. You will see a difference in yourself within 22 days. If you are unable to sing the Mantra repeatedly, you can instead perform Shiva Chalisa.

So, there you have it. These are some of the Astrological remedies for stress and anxiety that you follow to beat Anxiety and depression. For detailed and tailored remedies contact with Pandijimakal, one of the best astrologers in Ujjain.

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